One platform to grow your business now

Launch CRM is an all-in-one CRM that has the features to help you take your business to the next level. Email marketing, text message marketing, phone calls, automations, and tons more features that helps automate your sales processes. 

Features that help connect the dots

Launch CRM was created to be the one stop shop for your CRM. No longer do you have to connect this software with that software, Launch CRM allows you to book appointments, create sales funnels, do your email marketing or text message marketing and more all through one software.

Email Marketing

Create email campaigns and follow-up with responses all within Launch CRM

Text Message Marketing

Use text messaging in campaigns or respond directly to clients

Call Tracking

Make phone calls, record them, set reminders to call. Its great.

Reputation Management

Get the reviews and make sure they are 5-stars. You know you want them!

CRM + Pipeline Management

Never miss out on an opportunity because you "forgot." Our sales features are magical

Unlimited Sales Funnels

Create landing pages and sales funnels that integrate with all the other features.

Website Builder

Create a full website within the CRM. It truly is a all-in-one solution.

Surveys and Forms

Get feedback through a survey or use a contact form. We have you covered.

Bookings & Appointments

A full booking system that competes with Calendly. Take control of your calendar!

Membership Area

Create a course or a place to easily share information with your clients.

Tracking & Analytics

Make sure you know the statistics of all of your social media and websites.

Sell Products

Sell your product through a landing page or even through text messages.
We have had a great response in business since we started using Starr Web Marketing. We are a small family-owned business and it is hard to get your name out there when you're first starting out. We hired Jonathan to do all of our SEO work as well as website design. They are honest, reliable, professional and very knowledgeable in what they do. I would absolutely recommend them.

Clint Vinson

Arizona's Best

Our Pricing Plans

We offer competitive pricing plans for businesses at all stages.


An affordable option for businesses that are looking to get a CRM to manage and reach out to their contacts


✓ Email Marketing
✓ Campaigns with automations
✓ Unlimited Sales Pipelines
✓ Contact Management
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Reputation Management

Need an effective way to get those good reviews on Google? This plan is perfect for you.


✓ Basic Plus...
✓ Review Collection System
✓ Automatic Review Follow-up
✓ Referral System
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If you are an established business looking for a solid solution this will cover all of your needs.


✓ Reputation Management Plus...
✓ Sales Funnels
✓ Sell Products
✓ Calendar Booking
✓ Surveys and Forms
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Looking for an all-in-one solution? Have a sales team and looking to grow? This plan will get you the features you need.


✓ Standard Plus...
✓ Call Tracking
✓ Website Builder
✓ Membership Area
✓ Tracking & Analytics
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Custom Setup

Need a custom setup for your CRM? Let us know, we have custom options to help meet a lot of options


starting at
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I import data?

Yes, if you are migrating from a different CRM or have data that you want to import we are able to help make that happen. You will have the ability to import and export your data with as many custom fields as you would like. 

Can I build my website through this system?

Yes, you can build an entire website through the CRM. Features for the website builder are being added. You will also have the ability to add custom code.

Does the CRM integrate with Facebook or other lead sources?

Yes, the CRM will integrate with Facebook or other lead sources so that you can immediately respond to leads as soon as they fill out a form or take another action that could trigger your workflow.

Can I do text message marketing?

We have a fantastic text message marketing system that allows you to automate text and then respond to texts through conversations. We help you integrate our text messaging with Twillio.

Are their forms?

Yes, you will have the standard forms that will have the fields that you expect. We can also customize these forms for you. 

Can I create automations?

One of the main goals of our CRM is to create effective automations that will allow you to grow and nurture your business without having to do everything. The CRM allows for automations and workflows to happen based off of certain triggers that are predefined. 

Can I create a membership course?

You can create and sell your course through our CRM. The CRM begins to excel in these areas as there are a ton of automations that can be setup so you can just add content and make money.  

Is the Calendar Booking like Calendly?

Yes, the calendar booking is like Calendly or your other favorite booking system. 

What is call tracking?

Call tracking is great for a sales team. You are able to automate outgoing calls and have them connect once a person is actually reached. The calls can then be recorded so you can recap what went on.

Is this CRM HIPPA compliant?

At this point, we are not HIPPA compliant. Our CRM does have the ability to be HIPPA compliant if we have enough clients make the request.
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